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With your support, we create families and provide safety to animals in need.

The MKC is one of many rescue groups saving animals and giving them a new start in life. Top quality care, excellent vet work and a great diet get them ready. Your home stays supported by the MKC for their future.

Become a foster carer or volunteer to help our work.

The MKC has one of Australia’s most well regarded fostering programs. We provide all the food, medical and support fosters need you just provide the care. To join as a foster click here 

Our volunteer programs are anything from hands on volunteering in shelters, outreach distribution and transporting animals and rescue food all over Australia. to volunteer click here 

It's your MKC, your team. See it in action


Donate now and help change the life for a cat in need.

The key distribution partner for Petbarn, WIRES and Peak Bodies

Not just a cat rescue. The MKC team and its ARC volunteers coordinate some of the largest national emergency responses ever. Learn more (click here)

A quarter of a million volunteers across the MKC Organisations

MKC, Craft Guild, ARC. and hundreds of small rescuers all working to help animals and people in need. Join the Craft Guild, follow