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Creating and managing taxonomies

Taxonomies can be created in two ways

  • WP-admin Taxonomies Create taxonomy
  • Or through the post type editor in the Taxonomy field options

When creating a taxonomy you have to provide the following details

  • Singular and plural name:
    These are used to reference terms of this taxonomy throughout the site
  • Key:
    Unique identifier
  • Post type:
    The post type that this taxonomy is assigned to

Editing a taxonomy

To edit a taxonomy, you can go to wp-admin > Taxonomies and press “Edit” button on the taxonomy card.

On the edit screen, you can change

  • Singular name
  • Plural name
  • Post type: To make a taxonomy available for multiple post types, you can hold CTRL key and click on the post types you want to select.

And design

  • Single term template
    Templates for single terms when visiting terms page. On this template, you can pull term data dynamically and create SEO friendly term landing pages.

In addition to these, you can reorder taxonomy terms by drag and drop.

To do that you can go to wp-admin > Taxonomies and press the “Reorder” button on the taxonomy

Adding terms

You can add terms to a taxonomy through WP-admin > Your post type > Taxonomy name

Default WordPress taxonomy fields

  • Name
  • Slug
  • Parent
  • Description

Taxonomy term custom fields

  • Icon
  • Image
  • Area

These fields can be dynamically pulled when designing taxonomy templates using Voxel dynamic tags.