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Orders (VX) widget

The Orders (VX) widget displays all Incoming and Outgoing product orders in Voxel.

This widget must be added in the Orders template which can be founder under General templates

Clicking on an order will open the detail page part of the same widget.

Depending on perspective and the state of the order, different features are made available in the details page

Customer perspective

When a customer submits an order, they are redirected to the detail page.

Before the order is approved, the customer gets access to:

  • View order details and status
  • Add comments and communicate with the seller
  • Perform various actions

The actions available duing the Pending approval state are:

  • Cancel order
  • Customer portal

Vendor perspective

From the vendor perspective, during the Pending approval state, they have access to additional actions:

  • Decline
  • Sync with Stripe

Post approval

Once an order is approved, there are some additional actions both customer & vendor can perform.


From the customer perspective, they can Request a refund, while for vendor perspective they can Approve or Decline a refund request

Apply order tags

Depending on the product types you are selling, you might need to manage the post approval status of the order. For example, to keep track of the fulfillment status. Learn more about order tags