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The MKC is so grateful for your help.

If you have seen our site “Meow.org.au” Q+A at the bottom of this page

Is MKC the same site as Meow.org.au? Yes. Your questions answered..

After many years of doing all our donations directly onto the MKC page, we were getting drop outs and issues when people were trying to help cats. So we found a new platform to manage donations that was weapons grade, fast and would not crash. (An Australian company called Raisely.)

The form you see above is Raisely, and all the forms and pages on the Meow.org.au are also Raisely. It is the backend behind our donations now.

Raisely also give you the ability to create whole Peer to Peer donation platforms, so we created meow.org.au as a way for supporters to also fundraise and help our work. 

  • With Meow.org.au we were able to storyboard and manage donations and donors with a platform designed for that.
  • This also meant that the core MKC site didnt get smashed every time we had a major fundraiser running (and crash).
  • And we got to write the the whole new story around the Meowniverse. Which added some fun to what is a very hard job. But we get to save more cats.

All of it is run by MKC, the data is all with MKC and we make sure it is working.  At some stage the two sites will merge, but not now. We are saving cats 🙂