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Thank you for your support of the Animal Rescue Collective, The Rescue Collective and the MKC Partners in Bushfire Rescue. This page details your donations made to the Special Purposes Account, which is a separate part of the charity assigned for special purposes away from the MKC’s Companion Animal work.

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Thank you for your support of the Animal Rescue Collective and the Rescue Collective. If you have donated to our Wildlife Causes here is important information for you.

About your donation. 

Your donation was made to into a special purposes account, solely for the use of Wildlife and Bushfire programs. The Animal Rescue Collective, Animal Rescue Craft Guild are business names and separate parts of the MKC (That’s who you would have gotten a receipt from). We are working hand in hand with the Rescue Collective.

The MKC is a registered charity with ACNC approval. As you probably are aware, not every organisation can fundraise legally. MKC can and is an already establiished legitimate charity with DGR status.  MKC’s division called ARC Animal Rescue Collective helps everyone in rescue, not just Companion Animals and has had a long ongoing partnership with The Rescue Collective and many other groups.

When the fires came through, the Rescue Collective was one of the first organisations to act. There was little time to stand up an entirely new charity (it’s about 6 months process to do that). MKC and it’s ARC team backed The Rescue Collective and used this special purposes account and special purposes org (ARC) for the Wildlife rescue program.

All groups mentioned had already been providing support to national Wildlife and Animal programs long before the recent fires. This already existed as a completely separate fund, separate bank account and audited separately. We’ve done the work already so that this was possible, when Nicole and The Rescue Collective captured the thoughts of the Australian Public by raising absolute disaster Australia was facing, we all worked together to build this national support programs.

The wildlife programs and this special purposes account are solely being spent on Bushfire support. None of this is spent on MKC’s traditional pet rescue work, it’s already a large charity in its own right and MKC helps every rescuer, not just Companion Animals..

Repeating this. None of this fund is spent on cats or companion animals. The MKC was generous enough to stand this entire program up to help other animals and they have not asked for a cent, they have also committed huge resources, taken the financial risk, liabilities, provided volunteers, set up infrastructure and teams for this project alongside the huge work of The Rescue Collective and our national joint teams.

This is rescuers helping rescuers.

Want to see how your funds are being spent? See the actions in progress.

The Rescue Collective –
Animal Rescue Craft Guild-
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Thank you again for your support of the Wildlife and Bushfire programs. We are spending fast to get support everywhere we can.


Derek, Nicole and Alli – Animal Rescue Collective/The Rescue Collective
At any time you can email with any concerns – [email protected]
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