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Can you help get Blankets for cold animals

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Donation Total: $13.00 One Time

We’re buying blankets to get to freezing cold pets (and people)

KMart Blankets, $13 each. You can see them here. 

The Animal Rescue Freecycle is a community run page that helps hundreds of Animal Rescuers from around Australia. But we cant freecycle enough blankets. We just arent getting enough in for the huge numbers we need in this cold snap.

What does this donation link do? We are buying blankets for pets..

We are ordering them from KMart, when they run out, we are ordering them from wherever we can get them. We are ordering thick ones, small ones. We are ordering fleece rolls for our craft team to make them, we are ordering socks. We will spread this far and wide.

If you are a hospital, hotel or anywhere that is throwing our blankets, we need them. Not towels, not sheets. Blankets. Dont wait, pack your car, hit the page and arrange a drop off. Contact me at [email protected] or hit the freecycle page article here

Blankets will be shared to rescue groups, shelters and homeless people all over the country. The more we get the more go out. We will not discrimate animal type and this will include everything from dogs and cats to foxes and humans. Everyone feels the cold.

We will provide full receipts and this is a tax deductible fund raise under a charitable cause working with the MKC.

For more information visit the ARF Page – or email [email protected]

**All donations are through the Mini Kitty Commune and Tax Deductible, 100% of all funds go to Animal Welfare and Rescue Projects**