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East Gippsland Emergency Response

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East Gippsland is on Fire – Major Sanctuaries have been hit

Tax deductible donations supporting product and people on the ground in the fires.

***Update 2/1/20

Large scale supply runs are now being prepped with several groups now working together to support teams eventually going into the firezones. Several drop hubs and supply locations have been established including large factory’s donated by carers in the field.

Raymond Island Koala Shelter has been saved (PS, it isnt actually on Raymond Island at the moment) however spot fires and continued risk surround the shelter and it’s Koalas. We are shipping supplies and support to her and the team.

***Update 31/12

$5000 has been immediately given to the food fund supporting local wildlife teams (we paid the account of the shelters at the grain providers)

Two key groups have been set up to support Gippsland and Vic, 34 storage hubs and a super hub (factory) for supplies have been donated for space

$5000 has been directly donated to Raymond Island Shelter to pay costs they are about to get hit with, food and supplies.

Transporting teams are now coordinating supplies into the zones.

28 large vet rescue crate enclosures have been donated and are now being delivered to W4W in Vic.

East Gippsland region has suffered massively as a huge fire has come through wiping out wildlife, sanctuaries and bushland.

A massive collection of product and support is already in progress to help hundreds of badly burned wildlife in the area.  Rescue Collective teams are working with locals on the ground to get supplies and help.

Animals will be flooding in,  injured, dehydrated & suffering from smoke inhalation. Rescues & Wildlife Hospitals will struggle. We will need you to help us support the carers & animals through the hell they face in the coming weeks & months.

We are already doing this in 4 states and will scale to help more.

– The Rescue Collective  – On the ground getting it done.
– Animal Rescue Collective – Tonnage of Product/Charity and Funds
– Join the Craft group – We need people to make BatWraps/Pouches. Everything
– Volunteer to transport and help us get stuff  to everyone

You can donate TAX DEDUCTIBLE at this link. This funding will be used to fund transport, product and supplies.

Thousands of koalas have perished in NSW fires so far. We have seen a lot, the teams are working flat out and it’s nothing by comparison to the work that will come.

AUDIT NOTE – These are large amounts we are spending and we recognize the trust and governance this brings. The donations are made via the Animal Rescue Collective a registered ACNC Charity under the Mini Kitty Commune (Audited).

We are specifically spending this money to get a firefighting tank, ute rental, food, more water (it’s a drought) and serious logistics read for when it hits.

If you can help by sponsoring this fundraise, the MKC is ensuring these donations (into a separate MKC fund) are there to help right now with immediate needs and ongoing with food and resources that keep things moving.

You can donate TAX DEDUCTIBLE at this link. This funding will be used to fund transport, product and supplies