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Thank you for being a sponsor of MKC and ARC’s programs to help Animal Rescue.

If you are looking to donate to the Animal Rescue Cooperative or the Craft Guild please click here – otherwise go through this normal MKC donation post.

Support additional food & medicine for the Pound

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Donation Total: $18.00 Monthly

We are supplementing the food and medicine for your local Pound

Pounds need good food and support to ensure pets are healthy. They get a certain amount a week to spread pretty far and we are supplementing that with high quality raw food and flea, worm and other medicine.

We need monthly sponsors to help us do that. This is regular food sponsors to help us cover the $450 in monthly costs we pay to bring in the food. 

Why? Because everyone cares about the pound. Healthy animals in the pound mean easier adoptions and less cost for the rescuers that take from the pound = better adoptions.

The MKC and Safe Rescue have worked together for many years with the Hawkesbury team and have had some amazing projects together. 

What does this donation link do? 100% of donations pays for food and medicine..

On the ground at the pound, Anne and the SAFE team work with the Council crew to help with feed and supplies. We’ve bought them a freezer to put it in. We will be buying raw meat from the local store and Flea/Worming treatment.

**All donations are through the Mini Kitty Commune and Tax Deductible.