You’ve been sent this link because you’ve forwarded us a screen shot or a post from Facebook.

Note – this page is meant to be read in conjunction or after reading this page first.

We understand you have seen a post on Facebook with animals that need help. We see hundreds and the chances are that the post you’ve sent us, we’ve been sent it already by many other people.

Most of the time, we are simply sent a screen shot from random stranger who are no where near the animal or are prepared to do anything. This is just spam and there is nothing we can do. We get so many messages they dissapear. 

But . . if do you want to actually help the animal?

The more you are willing to act and help, beyond just flicking a screenshot or a post to someone else .. the better the outcome. This means, get involved, ask questions, be prepared to drive and pick up animals, take animals to a vet, talk to rescue groups. Do more than just send a facebook post (and hope someone else does something).

Here it what to do”

Find where the animal is and who is at the site/who took the picture

  • Contact the person who posted the picture. Dont say “I have forwarded it to XXXXX organisation” as that means nothing and doesnt do anything AND it stops people trying to solve the problem (as they think “hey, XXXX is doing it”
  • Ask if they are actually the person who took the photo and if they are the person managing the issue.
  • Most of the time, they arent. They also just forwarded it from someone. Find who actually made the message and talk to them directly.

Once you know where/who it is, ask the following.

  • What are you actually doing about it  . . beyond taking a photo. Example “can you take it to a vet” or “do you have friends who drive and can take it to a vet” or “can you directly contact the RSPCA” . . . 
  • If there is time – they can email [email protected]
  • They can also search the local rescue groups in their area to try and help them (I will explain why in a second)

Is someone else already dealing with it?

Ask the people at the site, who is already involved. Very often when a post is sent around facebook, several groups get involved and it is a shitfight (I use that term on purpose) as people and social commentators trip all over each other. Ask “are you already working with someone”. If they are and you are confident, then when you share that with rescue groups . . make sure you say that.

Then once you have all that THEN if you still feel you need to send it to someone else  . . and you cant or wont personally help . . they contact the nearby rescue groups you find (use facebook or to find them . . or email [email protected]  . .  we dont know who they are, we dont maintain a database of them)

  • Who is the person with the animal who took the photo.
  • Where are they
  • What site was it in
  • What is the person at the site doing about it already (that helps IMMENSELY)
  • What are you willing do to help?

Why is that important?

  • Rescue groups like MKC arent all over the country, we are often hundreds of KMS away from where these rescues are
  • We all also work full time normal jobs, so dont have time and resource to attend to cases
  • The RSPCA, AWL are paid, staffed, full time organisations that are set up to do this all day. We arent.

But I dont want to do that? I want you to do it for me.

We try, we really do . . as you can see by the amount of rescues on our page, but we cannot take them all or spread as far as we wish. We are unpaid volunteers and waiting for us to solve a problem often is not possible. 

Right about now, you are probably thinking “but I just wanted to flick you a screen shot and tell people I have let the MKC know”. All that does is make people think it is being dealt with. . . it’s not . . . you need to ask these questions, see who is actually willing to help and if not, act as much as you can yourself.