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We are a no kill organisation that helps hundreds of abandoned and neglected cats.100% of your donations go to the animals in vet bills, food, medical supplies and housing equipment.We don’t have fancy offices, committees or expensive wages and our staff are all volunteers.

We spend your donations solely on the cats.By donating or bequesting to the MKC, you can be sure your money goes to good use to helping those that cant help themselves.

Our Charity licences.

The Mini Kitty Commune is a registered charity in Australia.
We are licenced for fundraising.
Licence Number: CFN/23004
Licensee: Mini Kitty Commune Incorporated

Licence Type: Charitable Fundraising
ABN: 69 348 678 275.

The MKC is an all inclusive Animal Rescue charity. We welcome every race, culture, colour or gender.