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“To become an MKC sponsor is to be welcomed into a world of empathy, compassion, and hope for cats and kittens deserving of a second chance at a loving forever home. MKC make you feel like a helper in their amazing team and I feel rewarded everyday by my sponsorship“. Surekha G.

I love the work MKC do, I feel good contributing to these kitties that have had less than excellent beginnings and love how active the facebook page is with updates! – K Bazevski

Through the power of the internet you can watch how furbabies’ lives are being changed by MKC and given a second chance that they so rightly deserve. – M Aqualina

They painstakingly help those without a voice and give forever homes to those who may have otherwise been forgotten! It’s the most heartwarming thing to see! – A Huggenburger

Real people doing real rescue that is sooooo amazing, heart breaking and heart warming – 110% commitment to animals. – Kelly Wratten

I adopted a recued kitty from the MKC community 6 months ago. Through this i saw first hand the vital hard work these people perform and the time, effort, love and money required. Contributing to a rescue community like this makes a massive difference. – T Supershak

I sponsor MKC because of their no-kill approach to animal rescue, their stringent rehoming policy, extensive animal care knowledge and their unconditional love & dedication to the cats/kittens who need it most. They rescue the unwanted, neglected, forgotten and with additional funding, more of these precious souls can be saved” ~ L.Parker

Every creature deserves a chance, through no fault of their own some suffer so terribly and donating what little I can afford helps you help them and seeing the stories good and sad is so powerful. T.Brooks

I love supporting MKC, it gives me a sense of helping out and allows me to have some feeling of accomplishment or achievement when a little puss cat is rescued or rehabilitated. I love my cat and that’s why I love MKC looking out for the others that need help. Mel M.

I can’t take in cats and kittens in desperate need, but I can support those who do – being a sponsor for MKC means I can be a furry godmother who helps with happy ever after! Charlotte O

Every kitty deserves a life & the love of a family. The work MKC do, is exactly that. They find homes for the less fortunate kitties & medical treatment for the ones who need it.
That’s why I sponsor MKC, they do brilliant work. – Brooke W

MKC is made of equal parts hard work, dedication, commitment and care. I am thankful every day that even my small monthly contribution helps make a difference to not just the cats, but the people whose lives are forever touched by the gift of their love. – M Jackson

I love MKC I can only have 1 cat so I became a sponser so I can help other cats. You do such fantastic work – Heather Carter

Being an MKC sponsor is different to making random donations. It’s hard to explain, but I kind of feel I can rest easier knowing that my monthly contribution helps out even when I miss what is going on, I feel I am always contributing to where funds may be needed. – Helen S

I like how professional they run MKC, and you actually get updates on the cats good and bad at times, but you Always know they tried their best, people with hearts of gold run this animal rescue. – C Jackson

Each kitten and cat is given hope, love and compassion – by sharing a little money each month, the innocent are welcomed and cared for – the perfect way to give a little to the world – Charlotte M

I recently decided to make a monthly contribution to MKC because they are unique. Their vision to not only rescue, rehab and rehome the cats in their care, but to empower and support individuals and other rescues to do the same is admirable. I am reminded on a daily basis through sometimes serious, always heartfelt and often witty communication of the value of my contribution. Keep up the good work guys! – Jodie W

Unlike humans, animals don’t have a voice. The MKC is committed to rehoming felines that have been displaced or rescued from grave and unfortunate circumstances. Give these animals a voice and a brighter future by supporting the MKC. As little as $10 a month goes a long way. Can you give up one coffee a week to help a kitty out?  – Belinda T.

They are helpless,they have no voice ..MKC and it’s sponsors are that voice for the broken,abandoned frail and ill .Bentley led me here and because of his journey so many little lives are being saved and nurtured back to good health and into loving forever homes . I subscribe to everything MKC and will for always .. What a team – J Dugmore

I sponsor because MKC embody the principle that every cat deserves a chance to be saved and we see that with every rescue no matter how tough it might seem. It is done with love, care, compassion and dignity for the animal in question. We see it all through your updates and donating allows us to help with the love, care & compassion. – W Andrew

I sponsor MKC to lighten the load of Mel, Derek & the fosters 🙂for all the hard work they do day in & day out xo – Donna W

God bless the work you all do x – Mary

It gives me a purpose again to feel I am helping the needy kittie – Cheryl B

I sponsor the MKC because I know my money goes to the cats, not some corporate bigwig. This is an organization large enough to do some real good, yet small enough to be hands on. I also love that I get updates about the cats that I come to know and love, even after they go to their new homes. – Alice W

Due to circumstances I can’t have another cat but through being a sponsor I can still help the homeless, injured and unwanted in a small way! I follow the stories celebrate the victories and cry at the looses all via Facebook!! – Helen B

I sponsor the MKC because it makes me feel a part of all that you do. I can’t personally rescue and save all the fur babies but knowing my donation goes towards that very goal is a great feeling. I love being a member of the MKC Family. – Louise W

MKC, without fail turns on my waterworks with every rescue they do. Then more tears when I see that my donations has helped save those lives! Thank you MKC. Geez, I’m even tearing up now ! – Mary B

I actually feel like I’m contributing to something instead lining someone’s pockets. You see the beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking work being done and know you have helped, even in some small way. It gives me endless happiness knowing these cats have experienced love in some form by coming into MKC. – Emma W

I’m unable to have any cats at present, so this is a wondreful way to help cats and kittens in need and to have some contact with them. My donation helps MKC in their rescue and rehab work which I so admire, as they go “to the ends of the earth” to help these little ones, and usually, even further! – Lynne F

I admire the care you put into caring for cats that don’t have homes and then rehoming once they are well. I have my cat who came to me as a stray and don’t want to see it happen again. – Veronica E