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Sometimes you wish they had never been born

Here's your chance to fix that.

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Sometimes there are worse things than dying. A very large number of animals die suffering. We save everything we can, and then we make sure they don’t have babies.

We have vets onboard with discounts, a massive field team in the houses and hot spots. We’ve been doing this for years and need to make it bigger.  

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One desex means thousands less

Over 70% of cats entering shelters are killed. Nearly 100% for colony cats, who cannot be adopted. Stopping them being born in the first place? That’s how you solve it.

We spend roughly $5000 a month on desexing cats. It is targetted to key hotspots in Sydney and the rescuers that support them. We have discounted rescue rates at each TNR centre and we trap like crazy. Every cat trapped is desexed and either rescued or returned. 

Experts know TNR works. Read why here. 

One desex means thousands less

If they were never born. They never suffer.