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Adopting from MKC - Standards of care

Adopting an MKC cat is different and MKC cats are different. We work hard to ensure that the cat you adopt is the ideal cat for you and the cat is the healthiest they can be.

We don’t just adopt cats to anyone who contacts us and we take the time to get to know the cats and the adopters to ensure best fit. You can get to know our cats first and many have a small fan club before they are adopted. They are like family so we love adopting them to the best homes.

Why should you adopt from MKC?

MKC cats have access to some of the best veterinary care.  Our vets support rescue and treat our cats the same as any other clients. They have also been given the best quality food, home care and socialising in a clean and smoke free home environment. Your cats are given the best chance of a great start.

In the time MKC cats are in care with us, they are made ready to be in a quality home.

  • Health checked by a qualified vet at the point of entry to the MKC, including testing for FIV/Felv if over 6 months.
  • Vaccinated at the top level to cover Feline Aids and Feline Leukemia.
  • Fed a quality raw diet as we believe in feeding cats the way their bodies are designed.
  • Our vets use the latest in flank desexing techniques. Minimising scarring and reducing recovery time. For kittens we work with vets who are trained in the latest EAD (Early Age Desexing) methods.
  • Our cats are also up to date with quality “vet level” flea and worm treatments. Not the stuff from the Coles shelf, but vet grade Milbemax, Revolution, Capstar, Comfortis and other vet grade care.
  • Our cats are vet cleared before rehoming, and adopters have access to our vets to ask for transfer of medical records to their regular vet.
  • Our cats are socialized indoor only in a clean and friendly domestic home environment. This means, living, playing and sleeping in an environment with family. As a result the majority are cat, dog and child friendly.  We know their personalities and who is suitable to which type of home.
  • Cats have not been exposed to overcrowding in our care. The area they live in is cleaned daily, we do not “hoard” animals and we do not use foster carers with more than 2 cats. Cats do not live out their lives in cages or under stress, therefore they come ready to adapt into your family.
  • We will always take our cats back if your circumstances change.

Most importantly however is that here at MKC they are not just cats, they are family. You can get to know them on our page, you are welcome to visit them and ask questions as many times as you need before you adopt AND after you adopt.

Each cat has undergone about $500 in (retail) care costs prior to adoption (as listed)

Selective adoption

  • Indoor only – safer for cats, local fauna.
  • We keep bonded kittens together.
  • We do not adopt single kittens unless there is another cat at home.
  • We do not adopt “balcony”, “mouser” or “laundry” cats, they live with you.
  • We provide solid back up and care support
  • We recommend qualified vets