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A bequest means a lasting tribute and a lifeline for animal

The MKC bequest program is a lifeline for cats in need and the people who care for them. We ensure your donation and your legacy is put to the best possible use saving lives and helping others, in your name.

The wording to add in your will.

You simply have to include wording in your will, passing care of your pets to us and a donation/bequest. This donation can be financial or asset based (property etc). The following paragraph is a suggestion to updating your will :
“I leave $(See amounts and conditions below) to Mini Kitty Commune ABN 69 348 678 275 for its general purposes and I direct that the receipt of the secretary, treasurer, or other proper officer of that organization is a sufficient receipt for my Trustee and that my Trustee is not obliged to see to the application of this bequest.”

Additionally, if you are leaving your cats in the care of the MKC should you pass on, the appropriate wording can also be added

“As a condition of my donation/bequest, I request that the Mini Kitty Commune are entrusted with the care of my cats (Names and if you have them, Microchip numbers). The Mini Kitty Commune will be responsible for their welfare and ongoing management, they will be kept in appropriate healthy environment and if rehomed this must be to a quality indoor only home. The MKC must not surrender or euthanise my pets unless a qualified vet has deemed a condition as terminal or unhealthy for them”

if we are taking on your cats

To maintain quality of care, rehome, MKC has a few minimal conditions.

The above wording will need to be adapted for your particular circumstances. For example you may wish to leave a percentage of your assets to the Mini Kitty Commune rather than a lump sum, or perhaps a particular valuable asset, such as shares, an antique, or real estate.

At a minimum, a $5000 bequest per cat is the basic requirement.

It is for your pets only (EG, pets that are registered to you), and not a bequest to cover colony’s you have been feeding/neighbors cats or your childrens cats.

We suggest you list out the names and if possible microchip numbers in your will request. (This is to help you deter someone slipping in their own instead if you pass.)

Understandably, there is a maximum number of animals that we can take at once. This number is 6 cats. If you wish to leave a legacy for more than 4 cats please contact us to discuss as we will need to establish support for this. This is purely to ensure we have a plan for your family of cats in a rush.

You should seek legal advice before using the recommended text and if you are concerned, email [email protected] and we will talk with your legal representatives to discuss.

Why you should put your affairs in order

It is not always easy to think about making your Will, but it is the only way you can be absolutely sure that your Estate will pass to those who you wish to benefit and that you can choose the person who will look after your affairs.

Your pet will become part of our family and live with our team, be adopted with a great new home and have life long support.

By leaving clear and precise instructions about the disposal of your Estate, you will also save your loved ones from unnecessary distress at a time when they are least able to cope with it.

If you do not leave a valid Will, you are said to die ‘intestate’. Your estate will be divided according to legislation.

No part of your estate will go to a charity if you die intestate, so whatever you may have ‘said’ about leaving a gift to a charity, the only way to ensure this will happen is by including a bequest to the charity in your Will.

We will have all animals vet checked, health assessed and transfer any Pet Insurance agreements. If the pets are in pairs/groups, we will keep them in these pairs. For larger groups we will assess appropriate pairing aimed at keeping families together.

We will house your cats in an MKC foster home or our own homes, in a family environment. They will not go into a pound. If an emergency, we may board them at a vet/proper boarding facility for a short period.

MKC will advertise, personality match and then rehome your cats in their family grouping through our normal ethical channels. (Indoor only, local to MKC, lifelong commitment, quality vet care).

MKC will maintain the contact with any new adopters, just as we do with all adoptions. Basically, we will bring them into our family, just as we do with all cats and give them star treatment, vet work and quality food. We will rehome them to the best home, just as we always do with our many rescues.

Ensuring your pets and your legacy live on.


Sadly, family and friends cannot always be trusted to look after your pets. Thats why we get a lot of older and rescue cats dumped after the death of their owner.

A legacy with the MKC means we will help you, help your cats and everything is audited through a registered charity that cannot waste your money on cars, holidays and new girlfriends.

It means a bequest is left in your will to the MKC to support your cats or the MKC should you pass, and we commit to your cats just as we do every other MKC rescue.

They will live with us, as our family and over time we will find them a real, loving home that is based on your standards. You’ve seen how we do it on our page, you know we find the best possible homes and we never settle for “any home”.

We take a lot of cats from the pound that are old, registered . . loved. We know where they came from. We will ensure this wont happen to your cats

Leaving a lasting legacy

A bequest will make a massive difference to an organisation like MKC. You know our work well, we dont waste money, we save lives and we take on the hard programs no one else will.

Your legacy will mean building shelter infrastructure, expanding vet and care facilities and increasing the depth of our network of care centres. It will mean expanding our domestic violence, homeless support and hands on rescue programs. It will mean frontline support. It wont mean boards, fancy offices and politics. 

The Mini Kitty Commune is a no kill organisation that helps hundreds of abandoned and neglected cats.100% of your donations go to the animals in vet bills, food, medical supplies and housing equipment.

We spend your donations solely on animals. By donating or bequesting to the MKC, you can be sure your money goes to good use to helping those that cant help themselves and your cats come first

Just one legacy would change the MKC to change the world for animals and people. Your name, your legacy.