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Kittens, Cats, Neonatals – We need foster carers to help

Foster carers needed - Adults - Kittens - Neonatals

MKC is looking for new foster carers to join the team. We are very grateful for the continual regular foster carers, but it’s important not to burn them out and to find new team members to help the load!

Foster caring with MKC is great. You get the full support of the team, a buddy and MKC fund the program. We dont overload you and it’s only small numbers (1-2 at a time) for a short time.

If your not sure what is involved please reach out only too happy to answer any questions. You are fully setup and supported by MKC and this group is so full of support and suggestions if needed. 


These are various types of care ranging from rehab to palliative, Domestic Violence recovery to plain on “fatcamp and sleep”

What we are looking for is sensible people who have a safe space, near our major centres in Sydney.

You are not too old, too single, too broken to care for an MKC cat. Many people who contact us about foster care have said that other groups never got back to them. We do. We want carers, the right type of carers. Someone who has love to give.

We provide all the food, all the vet work and run around. We give you more support than any other fostering org in Australia. The MKC backs it’s cats.
We just need homes with a person home who can handle affection. We also need fosters for older cats that are totally fine with kids and other cats.