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MKC "Ask Me" Intelligent AI tool

Ask any question, in detail, gather knowledge and learn. You can ask the AI to write you a story, give you information about viruses or anything that can help you. 

Cat Questions

It doesnt replace a vet but it can help you with basics. Ask about common issues, treatment, feeding and care. Question the answers to gather more information. 

Have fun

Bored and want someone to talk to? Ask the Cat Bot. It will talk about anything. Ask it to write you a poem about your cat. From the dogs point of view. It can.

How did we do this?

The MKC AI tool is an advanced implementation of the Chat GPT 4 AI toolset. It is designed to engage people in normal written language. Test it out.

HINT – The AI will give you a lot of great information but (disclaimer) you need to then fill in the gaps and research the rest. We arent responsible for what it says. 

Its not alive, but it is learning from millions that are.  Click the cat in the bottom right corner of the page.