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Action list (VX) widget

The Action list (VX) is a multi purpose widget which can be used to add various actions to your pages and templates. Each list item added to this widget can perform a different action.

The widget has minimal styling applied to it by design, as it provides advanced styling options so it can be repurposed depending on your needs.

The actions available

  1. None
  2. Link
  3. Follow post
  4. Follow post author
  5. Save post to collection
  6. Message post
  7. Message post author
  8. Edit post
  9. Delete post
  10. Share post
  11. Select addition
  12. Go back
  13. Back to top
  14. Scroll to section
  15. Add to Google calendar
  16. Add to iCalendar

Usage examples

Action list widget utilizing the following actions: Follow post, Save post, Message post, Share post, Edit post

Another example where the widget is used to create a list that outputs property details. In this case, the items do not perform any action, so action type is set to “None”