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Conditions of support - when MKC helps you or animals you refer.

Mini Kitty Commune is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of cats in need. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work together to make a difference in the lives of these animals.

This message is sent to all people who ask for our support and these are our rules.

If we have agreed to help you with a specific task (EG, rescuing a cat, helping you with animals), we need to be clear that this doesn’t mean we are an open line or that we are taking on other issues you may have. Please respect our boundaries. Our team all have day jobs, lives, and families.

  • Our assistance is specific to the task or case at hand. We are committed to helping with the agreed-upon task, but our support does not extend beyond this.

  • Our support is timebound. Spaces in vets go very fast, if you go missing when you committed to a date, the spot is gone. 

  • Assisting with a cat or a situation does not establish an obligation for MKC to assist with future cats or situations, nor open line for constant contact about rescue.

  • Our team is often dealing with a high workload. We ask that you respect our time and communication methods. We rarely take phone calls and do most of our work by message as it is clear, in writing and concise. If you do have a phone call, make it short and to the point. 

  • If we have taken in a cat that you have asked for our help with, once in our care, all care decisions are made by MKC and it’s vets. 

  • If we have given you a contact number, do not provide that number to anyone else.   

  • If you are an animal rescuer we need to be clear that we are not the rescue police, we are not taking on rescue arguments or theories, nor will we take on problems you have.  If you demand a phone call or that take on your issues, we will  disengage. We have our own rescue to run. 

  • While we empathize with the challenges of animal rescue, we are not able to take on every issue that people see. If you have taken on more animals than you can manage you need to stop taking more in and rehome the ones you have. We cannot do that for you.

We appreciate your understanding. In order for MKC to maintain its core functions and the mental health of its team members and animals in care, it is important we are clear on these boundaries. By accepting our support, you agree to respect these conditions.

These conditions are in place not just for the welfare of our team, but also for the animals we’re helping. These rules ultimately benefit the animals, ensuring they receive the care and attention they need without overburdening our resources.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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Mini Kitty Commune