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App events

App events signify various actions that users can perform in your site such as submitting a post, placing an order, receiving a message and many other actions.
The available app events are listed in WP admin ➝ App Events

For every individual App event, you can trigger notifications:

  • In-app notification
  • Email notification

Available app events

App events are available for different Voxel functionality:

  • Orders: App events related to the ecommerce functionality in Voxel. Both general and product type specific app events can be enabled
  • Timeline: App events related to actions on the Timeline (VX) widget such as comments and replies
  • Post types: Post type specific app events related to post submission, updates, social activity and more.
  • Membership: App events related to user registration and paid membership functionality
  • Direct messages: App events related to Voxel direct messages


Each event has its relevant users that you can notify when an action is performed.
For example, for the post submission app events, the relevant users are the post author and the site admin. We can choose to send notification to one or both of them.

In this case, we can send a notification to the admin to let them know a new listing has been submitted, and we can also send a notification to the listing author to let them know the listing has been successfully submitted and is under review.

For each event, you can trigger an in-app notification and email notification.

Notification content can be configured via Voxel dynamic tags. Relevant dynamic tags are made available for each app event.