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Digital files / Deliverables

Deliverables allow product vendors to securely share files with their customers. This can be done automatically when the order is completed, or manually by the vendor at any time.

Deliverables can be enabled in WP admin ➝ Product types ➝ Edit product type  General  Deliverables

There are two modes to Deliverables

1. Automatic: Share files automatically when order is complete

Can be used to sell virtual products or include additional assets for download when an order is complete

2. Manual: Files are manually delivered by the vendor

Useful to sell one time or ongoing services. Once an order is approved, the seller has the ability to deliver files. Very useful for freelance work.


Available settings for deliverables

  • Delivery method
  • Download limit (per file)
  • Max file size (kB)
  • Max file count
  • Allowed file types