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Dynamic tags introduction

Voxel dynamic tags allow you to convert the static design you create using a page builder, to a template that will update content dynamically. This is done by populating individual widget controls with content from various dynamic tags that are available depending on the template that you are creating.

To enable dynamic tags for a widget control, you can click the Voxel icon which is located next to the widget control.

For example, in the screenshot below we have added a Heading widget to the Single Post template and we want to display Post title using this widget.

To do that, we can click the Voxel icon next to the Title control to enable Voxel tags

This opens the Voxel dynamic content UI which displays dynamic tags available from different sources.

In this example, we want to get the Post title, so we select Post as as source and click on Title dynamic tag to add it

Then save changes.

The widget will now display the post title dynamically