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General post type settings

The post type editor interface is split into four main tabs which cover different aspects:

  • General
  • Fields
  • Templates
  • Filtering

In the general tab, general settings related to the post type can be configured. These settings are further split into 6 sub-tabs

  • General
  • Post submission
  • Timeline & Reviews
  • Direct messages
  • Map
  • Permalinks


In the general sub-tab, you can set labels and icon for the post type. These details can be referenced in the site front-end in different scenarios

  • Singular name
  • Plural name
  • Icon

Under “Configuration” section, you can find the options to export or import post type config files. These can be used to quickly transfer configuration from one post type to the other

In addition to that, there’s a revisions section which stores the last 15 revisions you made to this post type. You can quickly rollback to any of them if needed.

Post submission:

The post submission sub-tab contains options related to publishing and editing.

  • Enable post submission: This option enables the ability to submit posts in front-end
  • New post status: This option lets you control the status of a post after it’s submitted in front-end
  • Edited post status: This option lets you control the status of a post after it’s edited in front-end
  • Post slug settings: By default, when the post title is changed after it was published, its URL slug changes aswell. This setting can disable that behaviour
  • Delete permissions: This option enables the ability for post author to delete their posts in front-end.

Timeline & Reviews:

The options here are related to the Timeline (VX) Elementor widget, and control the behaviour of that widget if used within posts of this type. This widget is covered in a dedicated article as part of the documentation.

Direct messages

Enable the ability for posts to receive direct messages. Direct messages aswell are covered in a dedicated article.


Configure map markers for posts. There are three marker types:

  • Icon (Static)
  • Image (Static or Dynamic)
  • Text (Static or dynamic)

The text marker is compatible with “Voxel dynamic tags” and can be used to output field values dynamically on a map marker such as price (seen on the Stays demo)


Set the permalink base for this post type. The base is used for both archive page and single post page





After making changes to the permalink base, it’s required to go to WP-admin > Settings > Permalinks and press “Save changes” for the change to take effect.


Edit posts in back-end:

  • Gutenberg: Switch between Gutenberg or Classic editor
  • Post excerpt: Enable post excerpt for this post type

Personal data export:

  • Determine whether posts of this post type are included in user data export requests

Account deletion:

  • Determine what happens with posts of this post type when the author deletes their account