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Inbox (VX) widget

The Inbox (VX) widget enables the Direct messages functionality in Voxel.

This widget is recommended to be added in the Inbox template which you can find under General templates

About direct messages

Direct messages in Voxel can happen between users and between a user and a post.

Key features:

  • Instant messages (Real time)
  • Supports user to user and user to post messages.
  • Seen indicator
  • Supports attachments
  • Quick access to media library
  • Emojis
  • Block/Unblock


Depending on the scenario, users get a slightly different view of the inbox

Perspective from a user messaging another user

Perspective of a user messaging a post.

Perspective of the post author replying on behalf of their post.

Styling the widget

The Inbox widget includes comprehensive styling settings that let you customize it and match your site’s styling

Settings related to Direct messages

  1. General settings
  2. Post type specific settings

Message button

To add the message button on posts and user profiles you can use the Action List (VX) widget

The widget includes two actions related to Direct messages:

  • Message post: Can be used for individual posts
  • Message post author: Can be used in user profiles

Messages component

As part of the User bar (VX) widget, there’s a Messages component which can be useful to display recent messages in the site header