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Membership roles

Membership roles can be used to separate your users into different groups. For example, in a business directory site you can make available a user role for regular users who browse your site, and business users who submit their businesses. You can then tailor their experience using various tools Voxel offers such as visibility rules.

Roles created and managed with Voxel are WordPress user roles, but as they are intended for front-end use, their capabilities in terms of WordPress permissions are based on the default Subscriber user role WordPress provides.

Managing roles

In WP admin ➝ Membership ➝ Roles, you can create and manage user roles. By default, in a blank installation you should see the Subscriber role. This role is added by WordPress itself and can be managed with Voxel. If you don’t create other roles, any users registered on your site will be assigned this role.

If there are roles with equal permissions to Subscriber added by 3rd party plugins or code, they will be made visible and can be managed with Voxel aswell.

Roles with higher permissions cannot be managed with Voxel by default for security reasons. If you are a developer and understand the risks, this ability can be enabled at your own risk. For more details, get in touch with Voxel customer support.

Creating a role

To create a role, press Create role button on the top right side of the screen.

A label and a unique key must be provided to create a user role

Editing roles

General tab:

Rename the role and view role key


Enable user registration for this role: User role selection can be made available in the front-end user registration form Voxel provides. Enabling this option features this role in that registration form

Enable social login for this role: Enable the ability to login via Google for users who pick this role

After registration is complete: Select the post registration flow for this role. The available options are:

  • Show welcome screen: Shows the registration welcome screen which asks the user whether they want to complete profile or skip and return where they were prior to registration
  • Redirect to where the user left off: Post registration, the user is returned where they were prior to registration. This path is recommended for regular users as they may be performing an action such as messaging or submitting an order when they were prompted to register
  • Custom redirect: Redirect user to a specific area of your site. For example, in a business directory site, you might want to redirect them to the Business listing submission page. Custom redirect supports Voxel dynamic tags aswell.


In this tab you can select the Profile fields that you want to make available during user registration for for this role.

Profile fields can be created in WP-admin ➝ Post types ➝ edit Profiles post type.

Fields that you create in the Profiles, will be made available when editing the role.

Note: Not all field types can be featured during registration


Enable membership plans for this role: This option allows users will this role to buy or subscribe to a membership pan

Show plans during registration: This option displays membership plan selection for this role during user registration process

Pricing page template: This template can be used to display membership plans available for this role. This template is used during registration process aswell as plan switching process