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Post feed (VX) widget

The post feed widget is used to display posts from any post type.

You can add this widget to any page by editing the page using Elementor then drag and drop Post feed (VX) widget to it.


The post feed widget can display posts from different sources:

  • Search form widget: The widget will automatically detect any search form widget on the same page and lets you connect the post feed to it. This way, the post feed displays results based on the query generated when user performs a search.
  • Filters: This mode allows you to display posts from any post type based on specific criteria. When this mode is selected, the filters available for the selected post types are made available in the widget options. You can apply default values to these filters to query the results based on various criteria.
  • Manual: Can be used to display specific posts manually using post IDs


The post feed widget uses the post type preview card template to render the posts. So what’s left for the widget itself in terms of design is configuring the grid or the carousel, columns, spacing and styling the various buttons and messages.

Under layout, there are options for twomodes.

  • Grid
    Lets you display posts in a grid and includes options to control columns and spacing
  • Carousel
    This mode displays the posts in a carousel. Includes options to control Item width, Item gap, Scroll padding, Item padding.

Other styling options

As with all Voxel widgets, styling options are provided on the “Style” tab