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Post type fields

In WordPress, post type fields refer to the specific data fields associated with different types of content, known as post types. Each post type has its own set of fields that determine the information and structure of the content being created.

Some fields are native to WordPress, and various custom field types are made available by Voxel to cover different usecases.

Preset fields

The preset fields are a list of fields that are most commonly used in various post types. Some of these are native to WordPress, and some are created using Voxel custom fields

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Timezone
  4. Location
  5. Email
  6. Logo
  7. Cover image
  8. Gallery
  9. Featured image
  10. Website
  11. Phone Number
  12. Event date
  13. Work hours
  14. Profile Picture
  15. Profile name

Custom field types

  1. Text
  2. Number
  3. Switcher
  4. Text editor
  5. Taxonomy
  6. Product
  7. Phone
  8. URL
  9. Email
  10. Location
  11. Work hours
  12. Image
  13. File
  14. Repeater
  15. Recurring date
  16. Post relation
  17. Date
  18. Select
  19. Color
  20. UI Image
  21. UI Heading
  22. UI Step