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Repeater field

Repeater field allows you to add repeatable content to your post types.

As an example, in the screenshot below we have added a Repeater field and named it Education. The idea is to allow the user to input their education experience

In the repeater fields tab, we added the fields we want to be available for this repeater.

In this case we added:

  • Text field for Institution name
  • Text field for Degree
  • Number field for Year of graduation

In the post submission form, the repeater field allows user to add items and fill the details according to the fields we made available

Field settings related to repeaters

  • Minimum repeater items
  • Maximum repeater items
  • Row label: Allows you to use as a dynamic row label, one of the fields added to this repeater.
  • Default row label: The fallback row label if there’s no dynamic row label
  • Add row label: The label for the add repeater item button
  • Generate product additions: This functionality is covered in a different article