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Search form (VX) widget

The Search form (VX) widget is used to create and design search forms for your post types. It utilizes filters that are created in the post type editor

Configuring the post feed widget:

Post types

Choose post types:

Pick the post types which will be featured on the search form that you are creating

Show custom post type filter:

If the search form will feature multiple post types, you can enable this option to creates a filter that lets user pick the post type they want to search in.

On form submit:

Control the behaviour of the search form when a search is submitted:

  • Post results to widget: Can be used to instantly display the results in a Post feed widget and Map widget within the same page. When selected, the Post feed and Map widgets added to that page will be detected and you can click on the detected options to create a connection with those widgets.
  • Submit to post type archive: With this mode, the user is redirected to the post type archive page after performing a search
  • Submit to page: With this mode, the user is redirected to a custom page after performing a search.


When you select a post type, its filters become available and you can pick the ones you want to utilize in the search form you are building.

Filter include various settings related to that filter type. Some settings are shared between all filters such as:

  • Display mode: Popup or Inline
  • Ability to apply default values
  • Various visual options

Additional settings

In the Content tab there are additional settings related to a search form such as

  • Buttons: Settings related to Submit and Reset button
  • Responsive behaviour: The search form widget allows you to enable toggle mode for various breakpoints. This mode wraps the entire search form in a popup that can be triggered using a button. Useful in tablet and mobile to save space.
  • Map/Feed switcher: Useful in pages such as archive to let user toggle between Post feed and Map to view the results.
  • UI icons: Various icons utilized in the search form UI can be changed here

Styling the widget

This widget has two styling related tabs

  • General: Includes general styling settings related to your search form aswell as styling settings for filters which utilize Popup mode
  • Inline: Includes styling settings for filters which utilize Inline mode