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Important Information about your Donation History

Thank you for your support of ARC and the MKC. This page details your donations made to our Charity. Please note, funds are segregated based on the form you used, as we are sponsoring both companion and wildlife rescue causes.

Your donation history (and important information)

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Your Recurring Donations (Sponsorships)

Important – Below is listed any recurring sponsorships you have for the ARC Bushfire program, or CSCA/Griffith.

To cancel your sponsorship click the “Cancel” button next to the item.

If the above says you dont have any sponsorships and you are sure you are a monthly sponsor, it is likely you are a monthly MKC Sponsor, this is in a separate system. To access your monthly MKC sponsorship info click here – https://themkc.chargebeeportal.com/

Thank you for your support of our charity. If you have donated to our Wildlife Causes here is important information for you.

About your donation. 

Depending on the form you used, your donation was segregated over to the right cause. Special purposes such as Wildlife rescue are managed separately to our companion work and we are now in the process of migrating those donors over to the ARCsupport platform. www.arcsupport.org.au 

The MKC is a registered charity with ACNC approval. As you probably are aware, not every organisation can fundraise legally. MKC can and is an already establiished legitimate charity with DGR status.  MKC’s division called ARC helps everyone in rescue, not just Companion Animals and has had a long ongoing partnership with many orgs. At the time of the fires, this was already in use so was the fastest way to action donations.

The wildlife programs and this special purposes account are solely being spent on Bushfire support. None of this is spent on MKC’s traditional pet rescue work, it’s already a large charity in its own right and MKC helps every rescuer, not just Companion Animals..

For more information on ARC please visit www.arcsupport.org.au