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Help make healing bedding/bandaging for thousands of burned animals

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We are supporting supplies and postage for the Animal Rescue Craft Guild.

9/1/20 – The work has continued into overdrive. With the support of #Petbarnfoundation and several thousand workers the rescuers of Australia have been getting supplies.

2/1/20 Update – Over 5000 Batwraps, thousands of joey pouches, hundreds of blankets, beds, product liners, towels and items have now been made and sent to rescuers around Australia. Callouts are happening everywhere to help rescuers.

WIRES, NTWC, STWC, Shoalhaven, NARG, WIldcare, Wildlife Rescue QLD, A.R.R.O.W, GBWC, Wildlife SEQ, ANARRA, Wildlife Rescue South Coast Independants, everyone. We are there with food and support and of course crafted items

25/12 – This is the most ambitious program ever from an Animal Rescue organisation and we’ve already started it. Weekly Tonnage of Kangaroo, Koala and Wildlife food being distributed across tens of thousands of budhfire effected kilometres. Hundreds of wildlife rescuers and rescue groups involved. “

Rescue Collective and MKC had to keep scaling up. Every month we will be spending $27450 (est) to get food and medical to over 100 feeding stations up and down the firezones. This is a massive logistical task being undertaken by volunteers.

The ARC Freecycle page got massive, and this huge undercurrent of skilled crafters, McGyvers and linen engineers quickly appeared that made . . things . . work. I mean, really made them work. They not only fixed and repurposed things, but they made items in bulk for rescuers everywhere. Thousands of them.

So we started this fund to get materials and supplies to the guild and grow it’s output. This is, bulk fabric, cotton, linen and craft supplies that we buy dirt freakin cheap on market and they then turn it into life saving product.

Then . . they give it all away. Free. To animals and rescuers that need it.

So we’re started this fund to simply buy more source material and pay for the postage costs of getting product from crafter to rescuer to animal.

To learn about the Animal Rescue Craft Guild Click here

What does this donation link do? 100% of donations pays for materials to keep animals safe and warm

We need monthly sponsors to help us do that. This is regular sponsors to help us cover the expected $1k a month we hope to spend in the state

The rescue groups that this supports are all over the page. None will be wasted.

**All donations are through the Mini Kitty Commune and Tax Deductible.