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Sponsoring MKC’s partners in rescue means directly supporting animals in need.

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This is a fundraise for Wildlife and Bushfire relief. 

They have nothing to eat. Everything is burned out. It’s up to all of us to save them.

So Monthly Sponsors are now needed. We will drop 10 Tonne of food to starving animals in burned our bushland every fortnight. Water. Food. Meds

You’ve seen the call out. The Rescue Collective, Animal Rescue Freecycle and hundreds of native animals need your help.

*** 29/12 East Gippsland evacuating, the largest evac in Australian History, half the size of Belgium. Ground support is being made ready from people who are getting into the areas. And we are finding them.

*** 28/12 East Gippsland and Braidwood are on fire. FFS! We are setting up hubs and storage teams, volunteers and transporting NOW for East Gippsland. Alli has already been on evac all day for Braidwood.

*** 24/12 XMAS Eve. Blue Mountains is in flames. Supply drops continue to Lithgow, Bathurst, Colo, Braidwood, emergency runs of 1 tonne each in Pellets, Water, Materials..

*** 22/12. 1200 Bat Wraps given in one day. Bats are falling out of the sky and Sydney Wildlife, WIRES and many other groups need support. So the Craft Guild has been making Bat wraps day and night. Thousands of them to get to where they are needed.


***19/12 The largest Animal Supply program ever in Australia is now in progress. Hundreds of volunteer drivers, thousands of small home teams making supportive product, over 50 Tonne of product getting to locations from Tasmania to Cairns to Adelaide to Sydney.


***11/12 The program is in overdrive. We are now buying TONNAGE of food, water, medication and support for Animals and Wildlife carers all down the coast. This will not stop and we need sponsors to make this happen.

***4/12 – This has not stopped. The team is now evacuating and supporting several sites across NSW and QLD, with food and water being dropped in the huge geography covered. It is days since we saw a break and the smoke is thick in the air. We are now supplying and funding 17 locations around the states and this is off the scale in size. Keep going.

*** Update 25/11 – A long term (6 month) plan has been developed to bring food and regeneration to the areas burned out. Whole populations have been wiped and out and team is now working on feeding zones and capacity to maintain life whilst the area regrows.

***Update 22/11 – Hundreds of shipments and products have made their way to Marsupial and Wildlife rescuers around the Firezones. More focus is on food for starving animals that have no habitat left.

***Update 17/11 –The ARF/TRC Craft guild is now churning out thousands of Joey wraps, custom bandages, nesting, bat wraps and other vital custom products straight into the fireszones. If you are crafty we need you.  Join here

***UPDATE 16/11 – We have stood up overnight a register of Safehouses as a fallback for people needing to move animals. You can visit this here This did not use any of the funds and development time was donated.

***UPDATE 15/11 – We are now working with Taree, Nambucca, Port Mac, Kempsey Toowoomba, Coffs and other suburbs with truck loads of support. Hay has been purchased, food has been purchased, over $150k has been provided so far from the fund. Keep going

***UPDATE – 13/11 –We now are pouring money into rescuers and shelters in Koala and Native hotspots up and down the coast . . none of this will sit in bank accounts . . we will get it where it is needed fast –  this will speed up tonight as more come on line**

***UPDATE – 12/11 – 7:20pm – Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Anything above the target can be used to support rescuers who are struggling nationally with a one off grant for specialized equipment or fire prevention

This is not a drill. A massive collection of product and support is needed to help hundreds of badly burned wildlife in the QLD/NSW Fires and drought.  Nicole and the team at the Rescue Collective are onto the mammoth task of getting product and support where it is needed.

Animals are POURING in: injured, dehydrated & suffering from smoke inhalation. Rescues & Wildlife Hospitals cannot keep up! We need you to help us support the carers & animals through the hell they face in the coming weeks & months.

More information and links watch it all happen

The Rescue Collective QLD  – On the ground getting it done.
Animal Rescue Freecycle Australia – Tonnage of Product/Charity and Funds
Join the Craft group – We need people to make BatWraps/Pouches. Everything
Volunteer to transport in QLD help us get stuff everyone

You can donate TAX DEDUCTIBLE at this link. This funding will be used to fund transport, product and supplies to TRC.

Over 350 koalas have perished in NSW fires so far. We shudder the thought of the body count once you add in all the other species & the fact that over 3 dozen bush fires are still burning out of control across NSW & the Sunshine Coast!

AUDIT NOTE – These are large amounts we are spending and we recognize the trust and governance this brings. The donations are made via the Animal Rescue Freecycle a registered ACNC Charity under the Mini Kitty Commune (Audited).

This page has been created with permission of TRC and all donations are through the Mini Kitty Commune and Tax Deductible.