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Hi and thank you for messaging the MKC. If you are reading this, you have come in from our Facebook page.

Please note, if you have messaged us at night, we may not see the messages until the following morning. We are not online 24 hours a day and are staffed by volunteers.

We get a lot of messages and this short note is to help you get answers quickly  that you need.

Firstly. For all enquiries PLEASE TELL US YOUR SUBURB. No matter what the enquiry is about. We cannot guess where you are and therefore cannot direct your enquiry effectively. This is really important.

(so, stop reading and go back to facebook and tell us your suburb . . thank you it is a massive help)

Where are the MKC LocationsMKC is in Gladesville, Wahroonga, Griffith, Penrith, Hassell Grove and we also have foster carers and vets around Sydney. As we run from our homes all our visits are by appointment only.

Adopting? You are the most important enquiries and we will always help you first.

Click here to lodge an adoption enquiry

Our adoption process. If you are looking to adopt, we have a few questions to ask first. Just answer these on the Facebook message

If you can please tell us the answers to these questions in your message to us on facebook it will help immensely.

If you can please tell us the answers to these questions in your message to us on facebook it will help immensely. We love helping adopters and it’s only by helping you find a great cat home that we can save more!

Sponsoring and donations! If you would like to make a donation to the MKC or become a sponsor of an MKC Cat, you can do that here – Click here . . donations to the MKC are all tax deductible and go directly into cats (we dont have offices, paid staff or other sunk costs. AND you get to join our special sponsors forum!

Product donations. If you would like to give product, towel or other donations to the MKC then please visit www.arcsupport.org.au . They distribute them to hundreds of rescuers around NSW. They will tell you all the locations. This includes spare cat trees, excess food, anything. All of it please visit that link.

Volunteering?  Yup, we can help there t00, join our volunteers forum and be part of something big!  – Click here . . we need all sorts of things. Transporters, designers, legal people, fosters. You name it 🙂

If you want help with Stray Cats, Rehoming Cats, or you have seen a cat on the internet.

If you have found cats that need help, or if you have a cat that you want to surrender, then this section is for you.

Firstly, a LOT of people, about 10-20 a day ask us to help them with cats they want us to take. Then they get abusive and angry when we cant help them all. We simply cannot help everyone. We are able to support people who are prepared to help themselves, have a managable question or are not asking the impossible.

  1. Please read this link – https://mkc.org.au/learn/needhelp  this has all our advice on how to act when you have cats you need to rehome. This is important. This will get you started . People often get angry when we cant take their cat and they say  “I just wanted advice and support”, this is all the advice we have to give you.
  2. We cannot perform miracles, we cannot save everyone
  3. If you dont send us pictures or tell us the suburb the cats are in we cannot offer advice.
  4. If you abuse us, we cant help you.
  5. If you say “I dont want to take them to the pound” then dont take them to the pound. They WILL die if you take them to the pound. If you threaten to send them to the pound or kill them, we wont help you. It’s your choice to take cats to the pound where they will die, nothing to do with us.

We have heard every threat, every guilt trip, excuse, allergy (everyone says they have allergies) or even attempted blackmail there is.  We are always overloaded but sometimes, we can help. But we cannot perform miracles

So what to do?

Key point .  . If you are not prepared to do anything yourself to help, we cannot help you. There is just not enough of us to go around. We do not have fleets of cars, we dont operate a pickup service, we dont have teams of trappers.  We are volunteers with very little money and no government support. This is not “being rude”, we have to say no . . often. We cant help everyone.

Lastly, if these are cats you saw “somewhere” or on gumtree/facebook? if you are simply telling us about something you saw on facebook, or someone else told you about . . or you are not in direct personal control of the cats that you are trying to help we cannot help you. We will not respond.  We get hundreds of emails a week from people who have a friend who has a friend who saw something on facebook or drove past a cat yesterday that may need help, we cant help, we arent miracle workers as much as we wish we were.

PLEASE tell us the suburb and state. (everyone forgets that, we cant guess where you are).  This is vital.

Lastly . . .

Just dropping in to say hi! Feel free! We’d love to hear from you.

Our Facebook inbox is attended every day, but we all work in the day time so we cant answer immediately (you know, that whole work/family thing) so sometimes we may not get back quickly.

Thank you

Mini Kitty Commune

Our webpage is www.mkc.org.au
Email is [email protected]

PS – Did you tell us your suburb.