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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Nearly every day the MKC is asked to take animals and help them be rehomed, for any number of reasons. Moving home, got too many, sickness in family, boyfriend problems etc etc. There are many reasons. Click here for more information

Because there are so many, and there is only so much we can do, we cant say yes very often.

When we have offered to help you, we need you to do a few things that make this possible. Most importantly, be organised. Time is important  volunteers and spaces dont come often so if you delay the spot may not be available the next day. As we need to coordinate volunteers and often, paid vets . . please dont mess around.

Drop offs at the MKC or at the vets

1. If we have arranged a time for a pick up or drop off with you, please be on time.

2. Use a carry cage, even if it’s a cheapy from the discount shop.

3. If we have arranged a vet visit, PLEASE dont use another vet. We specifically choose certain vets as they can be trusted and wont charge a fortune. . . if you dont turn up at the vet it costs us financially and damages our ability to rescue other cats.

3. Dont go missing, if we have offered to help you it’s time sensitive. It you change your mind, let us know as if you dont turn up or dont respond to messages we will need to move on and help other animals.

Advertising your cat for you

We get asked a lot to post other peoples cats on our page, we sometimes also get messed around and the adopters get upset . . and then MKC gets blamed. So we take down the posts.

Help us to help you, with a decent write up and a few photo’s for us, we cant do this for you.

If we post up your cats for you to help you rehome;

1. Be around when the ad goes up and log in to facebook, be available to take the responses that we screen and send to you. We have had people ask for help, then go away for 7 days leaving messages unresponded. Adopters simply move on. You need to be prepared to answer enquiries.

2. Respond to people. If we’ve sent you people that’s a short window of time before they look elsewhere. We can give you advice on what to ask. Plan ahead.

3. Be prepared to eventually adopt your cat.. Dont make it complex, or change your mind every day on what you want to do. None of us have time to debate it.

Above all  . . dont go missing  . . we need to know what is happening so we can communicate to potential vets, adopters and others. People are fickle, if they are keen to adopt they want to meet.

If we’ve put plans in place to help you, and you go missing . . because you have changed your mind or bought a new dress . . we cant help you. Rescue spots are time sensitive.

So in summary

– Be on time

– Dont change plans without a lot of notice . . it doesnt help us

– Dont be complex to deal with

– Help us to make it easy

If you can do that, then at least we can start the ball rolling to save your cat!