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Manage your donations/sponsorship

The MKC team have over time had a few different ways to sponsor. This page is designed to help you locate your sponsorship and if necessary, make changes.

Ask questions about your donations here in this window. It’s a little helper with all the main things we get asked built into it.

Click here to manage your ONE OFF donations

Donations are tax deductible and you will receive an E-Receipt at time of donation.

Click here to manage MONTHLY sponsorships of the MKC

This is managed via a third party tool called "Chargebee" and is all stored in Chargebee cloud.

Common questions answered

Why do you have two systems? 

MKC uses a tool called “Chargebee” to manage it’s monthly sponsors, It’s a third party tool hosted on the Chargebee site. It is a weapons grade very solid and secure tool that JUST does monthly sponsorships. 

For day to day donors we use a very good tool called “GiveWP” which is the best on the planet and integrates well with everything.  Both do what they do really well.

Can I get a reciept?

At the time of donation you should recieve an immediate electronic reciept. If you havent, click on the buttons above to access the system and your donations. If you still havent got one please email [email protected] and we will do a manual reciept.


Having issues accessing one off donations? See below

Sometimes when people made donations or set up sponsorships they opted to not set up a user account. This special login below will give non users access to their donation history.

You will need to remember the email address you used (the most common request for support is people forgetting the email address used

Please verify your email to access your donation history.