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There's not a lot of sponsors for old or disfigured cats

You’ve seen our work with the older cats and cats that have been through the wars. Every few days we have an opportunity to save another and another. All of them go through our seniors program. This is a core team of vets and carers that specialise in older cats with special needs. The one thing we need? A lot of small monthly sponsors to keep helping older cats.

we know what to do. It's all supported by small monthly sponsors.

The MKC Seniors team takes the hard cases and senior cats that are forgotten in the pounds. Once a cat his about 5 they tend to be left behind, but MKC gives them a life far beyond that with wonderful new families, supporting vets and great foster carers. But they only do it because of sponsors. Thank you so much for supporting our work. 

For bequest and all enquiries email [email protected]